Today’s post is going to talk about something I think needs addressing about modern identity of “Christians” in what is becoming an increasingly pluralistic society, even amongst Christians and their communities. 

Today I saw an article that a friend had posted and the headline caught my eye and captured my mind. The article was entitled “F-Bombs and Bikinis” and was aimed at discussing Christian identity in the modern world. 

The very same friend who shared the article has very recently called me “the most irreverent, foul-mouthed Christian” that ze has ever met. Now, ze’s a minister of a church in the UK and must have encountered many people like me and , and heaven knows I’m not the first, and neither is ze, for a point of reference. 

I smoke, I drink, I’m foul-mouthed at times, I’m gay, I’m not afraid to speak my mind and I’m incredibly liberal when it comes to most social issues. 

Now, people when they first meet me, and I trust them quickly, learn about my faith but I’ve seen the same reaction a number of times both in and out of a church environment. Some are blown away by their first impression and just assume that I’m some Queen who likes to “throw shade” for fun. They couldn’t be further from the truth. My faith is a central part of my life, the thing that guides my morals, the thing that guides some of my behaviour, through charity, love and grace. 

Alternative ways that Christians express themselves are starting to become more common place now amongst all denominations. Within my own tradition we celebrate the differences that makes us one united church, one body of Christ. However, within the tradition we have many different smaller traditions and these smaller traditions have variations of their own! There are a group of Christians though who seem to be redefining what it is to be a “Christian”. 

Personally, I get involved with a large amount of national youth events and have helped to plan one of them. On the whole, young people today tend to see their faith more as something to be lived out and not something that they possess. Jesus calls us to love one another, to make disciples and to share that peace that he gave us. 

Some of us may look different, some of us may act differently, some of us may love differently, some of us may have some habits that traditionally have been view as immoral, but we are as committed to our faith, to our Lord and our God as those who like to criticise us.

I’ll let you in on a little secret now, one that some people will try and deny. God loves alternative Christians as much as he does others, and His grace and his love is extended to us in exactly the same way that is to every other Christian. 

Just because some of us feel more comfortable in expressing ourselves and our faith in an alternative way doesn’t make it any less valid. 
God loves each and everyone one of us because of our differences and not in spite of them. 

God Bless


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