I’m a Radical Extremist. 

Dear friends, I have a confession to make. 

I am currently in London and have luckily avoided the events of this evening and the ensuing aftermath on transport links. Luckily I am a little way out of central London right now. 

So, that confession… I’m an extremist. 

I don’t say this because I want to challenge you, because I want to harass you or because I want to shame you. I say because it is the truth. 

In the wake of the attack that happened in London this evening I felt that I need to write a post that might make the world sit up and listen, although know only a small number of you actually read my ramblings and those of you that do tend to be of a similar political viewpoint. 

I want to make that point that I am a Christian extremist. 

You read that right, I am a Christian extremist. But what is Christian extremism? Christian extremism for me, is doing extreme versions of the things that Jesus called us to do with our lives. 

What did Jesus call us to do? Did he call us to insight Islamaphobia, did he call us to judge our neighbours because of the colour of their skin, did he call us to inisght violence against other places of worship? 


Jesus called us to love, he called us to accept, he taught us that even those that society views as the worst people in the world still have value in the Kingdom of God, he showed that religious tolerance was something that we need to cherish. 

I love in a radical way.

I accept in a radical way.

I don’t just tolerate, I affirm other faiths. 

I am a radical extremist. 

I want you, each and every one, to think about the way you look at the world over the next few days and I call upon those of you who have faith to pray for Muslims around the world and in Britain especially who will personally feel the backlash of these attacks. 

I call you to act out your faith, in the same way that Jesus would have done.